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"Leisure-2021" is an international exhibition-fair of tourist services, which is held in Minsk and offers visitors up-to-date information on a variety of opportunities for recreation and entertainment. 

Planning of a vacation is a pleasant task, but it requires clear planning and timing: monitoring and searching for last minute travel offers, inexpensive tickets, comfortable housing takes a lot of time, which is as good as gold for everyone. 

At the exhibition "Leisure-2021", experts in the field of tourism and active recreation will help you with consultation and in action, and choice in planning of long-awaited vacation season. You will learn on all the possibilities for recreation, activities and entertainment both abroad and in Belarus. Travel companies and representative offices will introduce you to new and interesting travel destinations, the exhibition will collect all possible vacation offers that can interest visitors with a wide variety of needs and hobbies. 

The figures of the conducted marketing research indicate an increase in the growth of demand for domestic tourism due to the closure of borders for mass outbound tourism. In January 2021, the vast majority of tourists expressed their interest in holidays in Belarusian farm stays. An increase in demand for offers of out-of-town complexes and recreation centers is observed. 

Belarus is famous for its magnificent nature, beautiful historic cities, with many tourist attraction, medieval castles and other. In addition to particular places, the country offers a huge amount of entertainment and ways to spend your leisure time in accordance with your interests.

A promising direction for Belarus is gastronomic tourism. Such tours provide an opportunity not only to taste various national dishes, but also to get to know the country itself, its culture, way of life and traditions. Also, gastronomic tours cause genuine interest among true gourmets, for whom a meal is something more than a simple satisfaction of a physiological need. A well-prepared dish provides unparalleled pleasure and gives taste to life. Gastronomic tours also attract people whose business is directly or indirectly related to the consumption or preparation of food: these people are restaurateurs, tasters, wine experts, and restaurant critics. Such people perform culinary journeys on a country-by-country basis in order not only to try new dishes, but to raise the level of professionalism, expand the horizons of knowledge and learn from other people's experience. Indeed, often the program of such gastronomic tours includes master classes of famous chefs who kindly share with attenders the secrets of cooking a particular dish or drink.

According to research carried out by information portals, the greatest interest at the beginning of this year was sparked by tours to Egypt, Turkey, and UAE. New destinations - Tanzania, Maldives, Indonesia. Resorts of sunny Sochi also spark interest.

The originality of the Balkans, picturesque corners of the Mediterranean, romanticism of European capitals, pearls of the Carpathians, deserts of Africa - find your dream holiday at our exhibition and fair of tourism services.
Leading tour operators from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Sudan, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries will help you to make the right choice and make your vacation unforgettable! 

Traditionally, visitors will find contests, auctions, promotions, prizes and secret offers from companies -participants of the exhibition.